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Please note - our production process is geared towards bulk production for teams, clubs, leagues, and associations. The Minimum Order is 25 Pucks. Complete and submit the form below. Make sure to attach the highest quality image file available (.eps .ai .pdf are preferred)

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If your upload form doesn't display within a few seconds, please check the FAQ or contact us at hello@uploadthingy.com. We'd love to help out!

If you have any additonal questions and would like to contact us directly you can send an email to custom@hockeypucks.com

Our original custom puck option that is suitable for anything from promotional giveaways to being slapped around a rink.
Individual pucks for an entire team of players. These are end of season gifts that will never be forgotten.

Magnetic pucks that are crafted with an actual regulation game puck.
Perfect invitations for weddings, birthdays, and special occasions of any kind.
Utilizing modern printing equipment, we make no compromises in producing vibrant custom logo pucks.
We have the capability to print just about anything you can throw at us.
Photographs - Gradients - a Dozen Colors? No Problem.

Whatever it may be that you need printed, we'll make sure your pucks look outstanding.
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Crafted by hand. Not a single corner cut.
Our pucks feature a polished glossy finish that make them absolutely eye-catching. They are game quality and meet all Official Regulation specs.

We pride ourselves on offering a premium product, but our job doesn't end there. Every customer has specific needs - we work hard to accomodate special requests and quick deadlines.
Establishing personal and lasting relationships.
Our favorite part of the business is getting to know our customers. We're always interested in what our pucks are being used for!

100% Customer satisfaction is our commitment. If you're unsatisfied in anyway, we want to know so we can do whatever it takes to make it right.
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Please note that while we make every effort possible to ensure the maximum durability of our pucks, using custom pucks for gameplay will result in damage to the logo. The abrasive surface of the ice, intense compression from slapshots, the blades of Hockey skates, and a myriad of other factors make for an incredibly damaging enviroment.

The level of play at which the pucks are used will also effect the amount of time a logo will survive on a puck. It is often remarked that, in an NHL game, a logo will only last 2-3 minutes on a puck before coming off completely. Conversely, a custom puck could easily last a season of Squirt level play without seeing significant damage.

Because of the wide spectrum of enviroments and conditions any given puck may face, we cannot make a guaranty on how long a custom puck can be used for in gameplay before it's logo displays damage.
When submitting artwork for your puck design, keep in mind that we cannot print any copyrighted logos unless you have the ownership or proper authorization for us to do so.

If you are not the owner or do not belong to the organization that possesses the rights to the image, authorization can be provided to us in the form of an official authorization of use email / letter OR by an email sent to us directly from a representitive of the organization.