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- Frequently Asked Questions

"What constitutes an Official regulation ice hockey puck?" - The standard and our spec for an OFFICIAL black ice hockey puck is 1" height by 3" diameter with a weight ranging between 5.7 and 6 oz.

"How long will the logo last in game play?" - All logo pucks put into actual play use will experience normal wear and tear and eventually the design will wear off the puck. Typically, the more intense the level of play is, the quicker the logo will deteriorate. It is said that a logo puck may only last a few shifts in an NHL game before being degraded, while pucks used for a mite level league could last an entire season with minimal degredation. It is common knowledge that logos will eventually wear off, but we take extra steps to provide the maximum durability possible.

"Can I have copyrighted images printed?" - You are responsible for submiting artwork that you have the legal right to have printed. If you're not the owner and do not have the image rights, then do not submit for printing.